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Thursday, April 7, 2011

LO entries for March 2011 Colorful Creations Guest Designer Series Challenges

For March 2011, I was able to follow and create 4 LOs for Colorful Creation (CC)s' weekly Guest Designer Challenge.

The 1st week entry (entitled: Ma & I) was a previous entry to a 1 hour challenge fine tuned for CC's challenge (previously posted also on this blog).  The 2nd & 3rd week entries (entitled: Paoay Church & Malacanang of the North respectively) were LOs reminiscent of my trip to the northern part of the Philippines which is Ilocos Norte.  I decided to make way for photos of this trip as part of my LOs.  I wonder if I could  still go back there for rest and recreation {sigh}. . .  Moving on, my 4th week entry (entitled: PDIC's 40th Anniversary) was the 1st LO I made of my days and events at work years back.  I hope I could incorporate more of my photos when I was still working in an LO.  I find trying to make an LO on these too heavy to handle most of the time.  I do hope I'd do lighten up a bit and make more . . .Here are the photos of my LOs:

MA & I (1st week Challenge entry)
Khristen Foss as CC Guest Designer
PAOAY CHURCH (2nd week entry)
Shamma Parvin as CC Guest Designer

MALACANANG OF THE NORTH (3rd week entry)
Lydia Jackson as CC Guest Designer
PDIC's 40th ANNIVERSARY (4th week entry)
Janis Medina as CC Guest Designer

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