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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weeks 5-7 of Colorful Creations' Last Man Standing - So You Think You Can Scrap

Sadly, I would like to share the news that I've been eliminated from the Colorful Creations' "So You Think You Can Scrap" or formerly "Last Man Standing" Competition.  I went overboard with their week 7 challenge requirements and thus I'm now officially out of the running.  

I guess the 7 continuous weeks of scrapping with them wasn't that bad.  But I was actually counting on staying on until the months of November to December.  I guess I was too zealous with last week's challenge.  

Anyway, that was it for me!  I just have to learn to accept my elimination. {sigh}  The same goes with the other fellow scrappers who got eliminated with me. 

Let me now share with you my submitted creations for October's Week 5 - 7 challenges:

5th Week
Create a layout with something you fear/phobia.
Use 3 or more Halloween themed pattern papers.
Journaling must be 25 words.
A photo of yourself or your fear/phobia.

6th Week
Create a 12x12 Calendar Inspired Scrapbook layout.
Your LO must showcase 7 days within 1 month
(choose from June, July, August, September)

7th Week
Create a layout of 100 items.
Composed of 10 different items with 10 items each.
Making it a total of 100 items all in all
(This is where I got eliminated for coming up with a total of 102 items.)

I guess, I'll be taking a rest from scrapping until the end of the year. . . with fewer demands for me to scrap having almost complied with all my DT duties for my current term and with this competition now out of the way.  But who knows what will come my way towards the end of the last quarter of 2011.  

Probably  . . . be looking for an extended term with my current commitments or new beginnings with other teams or just have Rest and Recreation waiting for what the Christmas Season may bring with family and friends in tow.  I just can't wait!!


  1. I'm sorry you got eliminated, Kath - but congratulations for making it SO far!! I love all of your entries! Hugs

  2. So sorry you got eliminated, but have to congratulate you of making it this far. But that's no surprise to me, you are such a terrific LO maker. I've loved every sparkly one of them;)I especially love the week 5 and 7, with all those amazing details;) I also have to say thank you for the lovely little gift you sent me. I surely appreciated it, and such an unexpected surprise. You are such a sweetheart;) Hugs Bettina